Your Imposter Syndrome is BS.

“No one cares about you, they care about themselves.”

— Neville Medhora

There is a difference between an expert and an Authority. And it’s a big difference.

It’s the difference between Frank Sinatra and the person who only sings in the shower, but they’re better than Sinatra.

It’s the difference between legendary golfer Phil Mickelson and the the guy who only plays at his local course, but is better than Phil.

So here’s a shout-out to all people playing small ball, afraid to stand tall and show the world what you’ve got.

I get it. You’re afraid of what people will say.

And you’re right. Really, you are. They will say mean things. And you’ll have haters (you’ve got to have haters).

But the fact is, people aren’t thinking about you. And if they do, it won’t be for long.

Show us your talents. Display your genius. Light the way. Create disagreement.

It’s okay. The world needs to be an Authority. They need you to shift their beliefs. They need you to tell them what to do.

Authorities aren’t just smart people. They are leaders. World-changers. Value-shifters.

Go find a template (an Authority Archetype, if you will) and execute on it.