Meet Matt Gordon, The Authority Muse

Do you want to monetize your expertise? To go from “anonymously smart” to being a “respected thought leader?” To totally redefine the ceiling on your income and create a lasting impact on the lives of others?

At Educated Authority, we talk about harnessing human nature and psychology to build an audience and manipulate/persuade/control them. 

We do this by studying historical figures (“Authority Archetypes”), classic advertising and marketing (that most “marketing professionals” either never knew or don’t understand), and even some shady stuff like cults and bad guys who establish control over mass audiences. We learn from both the good leaders and bad. This conversation is for mature adults only — we focus on learning, adapting, and applying, not on being inoffensive.

I’ve made a living in the marketing and advertising industries for almost 30 years, and have combined that experience with a passion for history to become The Authority Muse.

The reason that you haven’t heard of an “Authority Muse” before is because I’m the only one. It means that I help people with something to teach, say, and sell — mainly writers, podcasters, marketers, and others with a personal brand (and a mission to change the world) — achieve what I call “Generational Prestige.”

In every generation, there exists a handful of people who are transformative in their own field and in their own way. These extraordinary people are in many walks of life — political and business leaders, inventors, scientists, writers, etc.

If you study the lives of these people and get to “know” them in-depth, you learn that they tend to share a handful of commonalities and follow the same patterns. You can adapt these patterns to modern marketing and use them to establish generational prestige in your market.