Your First & Second Sales in Thought Leadership

I wanted to take this lovely Friday to talk to you for a moment about the business of thought leadership.

Specifically, there is one thing that is very different about this business than other businesses. 

In thought leadership, we have two sales: 

The first sale is selling our own expertise and our fitness as a Thought Leader. The second sale is whatever sort of resources or services we provide. Obviously, only the second sale is a financial transaction.

But here’s the rub: you have to make the first sale before you have a chance to get the second sale.

So in a sense, we get a customer before we make a sales transaction.

Now you may be thinking, “so what?” And if that’s the case, I understand. 

But stick with me…

Have you ever walked into a small business as a returning customer and been recognized for coming back? Maybe the business owner or a server recognizes you and welcomes you back?

This is the mindset you need to use with your followers. If they are truly a follower — that means that they’ve signed up to receive your emails or newsletters or something — they are a customer who should be treated as a returning customer.

Simply by raising their hand and becoming known to you, they become a customer because they have “bought” your expertise.

Do not neglect this individual, because this is the person who will take the second step and engage in the financial transaction with you.

Your job, then, is to close the gap as much as possible between the first sale and the second. 

This will massively impact the growth and success of your thought leadership business.

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