What Is Your Follower’s Secret Identity?

I remember reading some book about how to create characters for fiction. It said that to create realistic characters, you need to have them be one thing but want to be something else.

For example, “Emily is a waitress in Los Angeles, but she really wants to be an actor.”

That kind of thing.

It was good advice because transformation is something that everyone wants. 

I think of what people want to transform into as their secret identity. And yeah, sometimes it actually is a secret. It’s a secret because it’s held captive by their beliefs and lack of knowledge. It’s your job to set it free.

So here’s my advice for you today: speak to that transformation, and help people discover their secret identity.

When people discover that secret identity, and they become more congruent with it through your help, they will be instantly connected to you and you will never have to convince them of anything.

You will probably need to help your followers have a better understanding of what that secret identity is, because our brains often mask it with surface-level desires, like a new car, a better house, or something like that.

That is not their secret identity. That’s their costume.

To get to their secret identity, and to help them realize it as well, you need to uncover the daily experience they want to create and sustain. Not their best day ever, but their daily experience. Their secret identity will reveal itself through what that day looks like.

That’s all I can give you today without turning into the ugly offspring of a neuroscientist and a history professor, but if you want to pull the levers of your followers minds, that’s the kind of thing I teach every day in the emails I send from You Can Be A Thought Leader. Sign up today — it’s free — and you will be on your way.