Transformation or Bust.

“Within one hour of touching the brush to canvas for the first time, my students have a total, complete painting.”

— Bob Ross

Now that’s a great offer, isn’t it? Provided you’re the kind of person that wants a “total, complete painting.” But if you are, that’s a great offer.

A transformation, if you will. Before the hour, you have a blank canvas. After that hour, you have a “total, complete painting.” A real result, that needs nothing else. After all, it’s “total, complete.” Well, maybe you need a frame, but that’s about it.

Not only is it a great transformation, but it’s clearly expressed, succinct, and appealing (again, if you’re the kind of person who wants a “total, complete painting).

What kind of transformation do you offer your followers? You do offer some sort of transformation, don’t you? If you don’t, why would anyone ever follow you? Where do you lead?

Can you clearly identify that transformation?

Even more importantly, can those followers clearly identify that transformation? They really need to.

If you are having problems clearly expressing that transformation, then you have some work to do. Here’s how to think about it.

Consider five categories of transformation, and record how your offer presents your follower a transformation in each of them: 

What does your follower have (or not) before and after your offered transformation?

What does your follower feel before and after your offered transformation?

What is the average day of your follower, before and after your offered transformation?

What good in the world is created by your offered transformation, and what is the evil it replaces?

And finally (and most importantly), what is the change in social status that your follower attains as a result of your offered transformation.

When you have documented these transformations, you can begin to construct the overall transformation that you will present to your followers.