Three Powerful Emotions

If I could harness and store just .0001% of all the energy people use suppressing themselves so they can fit into “polite society,” I don’t think I’d ever need to buy a gallon of gas again.

Most people keep their misery hidden, not realizing how common the feeling is.

In spite of that, people crave acknowledgement as unique individuals who lead meaningful lives. We all want to be seen, appreciated, and loved for who we truly are. 

When a Thought Leader can make a follower feel like they have seen that individual follower’s inner self, the person will feel a kinship with the Thought Leader and open up more easily for persuasion/influence. 

There’s a trick to that, and it is my gift to you today…

Would that be useful for you? I think so.

There are three main emotional pain points everyone feels at some time or another: feeling stuck, feeling uncertain, or feeling unsuccessful.


By tapping into these feelings as you discuss your subject, you can show your followers that you “get” them. That you know a way out, and are extending them a helping hand.

As you then demonstrate that you have moved past that point, they’ll want to know how you did it.

And that’s where your offer comes in.

Here’s my offer:

This stuff is hard. It’s more complicated than it looks. 

That’s why I’m offering you a helping hand.

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