Thought Leadership — Don Rickles Style

Don’t worry, it’s not what you think…

Don Rickles was one of the most successful comedians of the last 100 years, and he had a great quote about how to stand out as a performer. 

He said, “When you stand alone and sell yourself, you can’t please everyone. But when you’re different, you can last.”

I want to use that quote to illustrate that the persona of a Thought Leader must include two elements: you must be confident and opinionated.

I’m not saying you need to be a gregarious “know it all” that nobody likes anyway. That is not the advice I’m giving you. 

What I am saying is that Don Rickles was right: you can’t please everyone. If you try, you’re going to be a generic, replaceable voice in a very large chorus of voices. 

You can’t afford to do that.

It takes a certain amount of strength to be a Thought Leader. You have to have the guts to say “follow me.” And there is no leading from the middle or back of the crowd.

Additionally, you can’t be a Thought Leader if you’re saying what everyone else is saying. 

Thought Leaders need to speak in absolutes: do this, not that; this is right, that is wrong. Your answers can’t — at least not initially — be “it depends,” even when it actually does depend.

So I’m telling you not just to be unafraid of taking a stand, confidently and strongly, but I’m telling you that you have to do that. 

Taking a stand isn’t randomly done, or based on whatever sort of stylistic preferences you may have. The ideas and values that you promote are not just to help people achieve the transformation they desire, but also the ideas and values to make them a better student and customer.

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