This Is How You Beat AI

I just got off a video call with a friend who asked me how the coming explosion of AI-generated content is going to affect Thought Leaders.

Will you as a Thought Leader be able to compete with the tsunami of cheap information that is going to be hitting your market?

As my friend and I brainstormed what this is going to look like, a few very useful and important solutions jumped out at me.

The first and primary solution is choice and knowledge of audience. 

You have to use propaganda and rhetoric tricks to make people almost instantly feel that you are on their “side.” That your values match theirs.

It’s like this: the presidential candidate who more people feel like they would be comfortable sitting down and having a beer with will likely be the one who will be elected.

The faster you can build an emotional connection and relationship with your audience, the more successful of a Thought Leader you will be.

Incidentally, this also means that you must be adept at almost instantly running off those who are not a fit. If no one finds you repulsive, no one will find you extraordinarily attractive.

One way you have to do this is to have a very deep understanding of your audience.

They need to be searching their home for hidden cameras and microphones because you know so much about the way they think and talk.

And the more likely they are to hide those thoughts and words from others, the better for you.

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