The Market Determines Value. Not You.

“I constantly think I’m a fraud – that this success is not warranted or justified.”

— David Chang

Everybody hates a fraud. Nobody likes to be defrauded, and nobody wants to be a fraud — at least not good people, right?

But here’s the dirty little secret about being an Authority: your “thing” is probably pretty easy for you. At least it’s easier for you than for most people. That’s why you are the Authority.

So it’s only natural that you being to feel a little bit guilty about taking money for something so easy — thinking that if it’s easy for you, it must be easy for everyone else.

It’s simply Imposter Syndrome talking.

And therein lies the mistake.

Being an Authority is not doing and knowing things that everyone can do and know. It’s doing and knowing thing that not everyone can know and do — at least, not without your help.

So how do you tell the difference? The market will tell you. They are the exclusive valuators of your knowledge and skill — not you. 

Let me say that more clearly: the market defines value, not you. Your buyers decide the value. Not you, and certainly not your non-buyers. 

The only way you can determine value is by the judgement of the market. You are in no position to valuate it because you are not the buyer. 

After that, it’s all a price negotiation. And you’re certainly qualified for that. The way to do it is to decide on the amount you want to make, and then stack the value (again, as the market defines it) to a level that your buyer will happily pay it.

In the meantime, get out of your own way!