Sharing What’s Important

“All literature consists of whatever the writer thinks is cool. The reader will like the book to the degree that he agrees with the writer about what’s cool.”

— Steven Brust

One of the key factors that an up and coming Thought Leader often misses is the values that surround their teaching and information.

In the context that I’m using the word, “values” means the importance you put and how to prioritize traits, concepts or things.

You need your follower to consider the right things to be important. 

Your follower will need certain values in order to be successful in the area of your teachings. They may need to value hard work and diligence.

Another set of values your follower needs revolve around what it’s going to take to be a good client or customer of yours. They may need to value continuous learning or studiousness. These values are every bit as important as the values they will need to apply to your instructions. In fact, their success in implementing your information will ultimately depend just as much on these values.

Once you have identified the values (and other traits) that your followers need, it’s important to keep going. Start working on the tactics you’ll use in communication with those followers that will allow you to teach, instill, and maintain those values.

As part of building the Authority Assets for clients, we list out the principles and values that the client’s followers will need. We then work on a number of assets to help them instill and encourage those values in the followers.