One Thing Thought Leaders MUST Build

A lot of would-be Thought Leaders have a very transactional view of their business: The Thought Leader provides life-changing information, and the customer pays for it.

Truth is, you’re also building a culture within your followers — a feeling of association and fraternity that will provide massive value to your customers in addition to the information you provide.

In fact, for a percentage of your followers, the community and culture will be of more value than what you have to teach them. You want to make sure that you’re serving those people just as well as the people who come to you for instruction.

That culture will be based upon your personality. Your followers will aspire to be like you in some ways, and will build their self-esteem, in part, on their association with you.

As you design your community, you want to think about the habits, words, and thought patterns that will help your followers be successful, and that includes the things you want to teach them to do that will make them better customers.

Three questions to consider:

What do you want that culture to look like?

How will you and your followers look and talk? 

What are you willing to do to build and maintain that culture?

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