One Big Mistake That’ll Destroy A Thought Leadership Business

A big reason I have a job is because it’s so easy to mess this thing up — and by “this thing,” I mean Thought Leadership.

One of the biggest ways is to lose customers. 

I’m not talking about making a customer mad and watching them stomp off angry at you. I’m talking about when they just drift off.

And there’s a reason why they just drift off.

The reason is because they’re just not interested anymore. 

And when they’re not interested, they don’t read your stuff. They don’t consider your offers and buy your stuff.

Now sometimes, it’s because their goals and their lives have changed, and that’s okay, but often it’s the person they’ve been following doesn’t interest them anymore.

And that’s the Thought Leader who is bleeding customers.

That’s a big problem. The kind that will kill your Thought Leadership business.

If you do think of Thought Leadership as a business, as you should (instead of just a marketing channel), you’ll see that every customer is going to be worth something to you.

The business people call that “average customer value.” 

Making that number grow is one of the only three ways to grow a business and make it more profitable… 

(and I realize that some of you, this is the first time you’ve ever thought of Thought Leadership as a profitable business in and of itself, but just stick with me and you’ll hear more about it)

This way of making your business profitable is to keep that customer as long as you can, so they can continue to buy your offers for years.

And what’s great about the Thought Leadership business is that as long as you provide value and remain relevant to the transformation they’re seeking, you can do that. And you should.

So how do you do that?

Well, it’s a combination of things. But two of the ingredients in that recipe are to stay in communication with them, and stay interesting with the use of stories.

Keep in touch, and keep feeding them something to care about and be interested in.

If you’re building your Thought Leader business, now would be a good time for you to get in touch (just reply to this email) to get your strategy set and your next steps planned out.

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