More Than Information.

“Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace.”

— Eugene O’Neill

Your audience wants certain things from a Thought Leader, and you’d better not get confused about what they are. Chances are, you are confused, so I’m here to give you a helping hand…

Your audience is not obsessed with your information. That’s why nobody gets all excited about the dictionary. Lots of information, but no personal meaning.

People who follow a Thought Leader are not simply in need of information. They have Google for that, which will lead them to a multitude of information. In 60 minutes or less, a savvy searcher could find all the information they would ever be able to use.

Your audience — even if they do not yet know about you — needs someone to provide meaning to that information, to make it make sense, and to show them what is valuable. To learn what is best.

The other core need of the human mind is to be entertained. Your best teachers in school made you care about something, and maybe a few of the best teachers also made you laugh. They engaged you, not just informed you.

That’s your job. Give them access to the kingdom.