Living Rent-Free In Their Head

I’ve always loved that phrase. “Living rent-free in their head.”

And as a Thought Leader, it’s an essential.

What I mean when I say “live rent-free in their head” is that they’re thinking about you even when they’re not consuming your content or communications.

When you’re doing it right, your followers are running everything about your topic (and often, other subjects as well) through the filter of your Thought Leadership.

Pretty groovy position to be in, if you can get there.

And you can. Here’s how:

Tell stories.

Don’t just tell people facts, but tell them stories that illustrate those facts.

Your stories can have any number of purposes: to sell, to teach, to persuade, to entertain… and many more.

I’ve had people repeat my stories back to me years after they heard them.

Do you think those stories stuck in their minds?

Of course.

And they don’t just remember the story, they remember me.

And I didn’t pay a penny in rent.

By the way: If we meet in person, or talk on the phone, ask me about my funeral story. It’s not appropriate for email. I guarantee, once you hear it, you’ll never forget it.

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