How to Make Your Customers Pay for Your Marketing

Fasten your seat belt, because this is going to be a fun one.

Last week, I talked about how in thought leadership, we make two sales: the first is the “sale” of your expertise, and the second is the actual product or service we sell.

Basically, you get a customer before you get a sale.

Now let’s take that concept one step further…

Is there some sort of resource you can sell that would provide immediate, tangible value in the form of a solution that your would-be customers have?

If you can sell that solution for an “entry-level” price, you can use that product or service as a self-liquidating offer.

This is the offer that will build your list on the front end of your business — a list of proven buyers that might then be candidates to go on to purchase your higher-priced offerings.

See what we’re doing there?

We’re getting customers at break-even (or maybe even a little better) and then marketing to that list to get future sales.

This is the way you build your following at basically no cost, and perhaps even at a profit.

Thought leadership is an awesome business.

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