How to Get Permission to Sell

A lot of Thought Leaders (or wannabe Thought Leaders) have trouble making the turn from teaching to selling the products and services that their business provides. 

They get all tripped up, because they don’t want to come across as “salesy” or to have the audience feel like they’re being sold to.

There is a way to cure that.

In fact, you can get sure-fire, iron-clad permission to sell to your audience, no matter what you’re selling. 

And it really doesn’t matter how many times you use this trick. They’ll be cool with it… as long as one condition is met.

You have to be interesting.

You have to pull them into your story — delivered in installments, and creating a sense of wonder about you.

Let me bottom-line this for you, and then I’ll wrap this up…

The tolerance of a Thought Leader’s audience for being sold to has nothing to do with what you’re selling, and everything to do with your relationship with them.

Thought Leadership is a relationship business.

That’s the big secret that most Thought Leaders never learn.

I’ve written a lot to you about not being boring. From quoting movie director Frank Capra, certain novelists, etc.

I told you it’s important. And you probably believed me because you’re smart.

Now you know why I’ve been saying what I say.

As you’re building your Thought Leadership business, you will likely encounter some struggles along they way regarding capturing and maintaining attention and interest, building up your own proprietary “trademark” language, and publishing in a way that positions you as THE authority.

I can help with that. Write back when you’re ready. In the meantime, you can learn a lot of this through my daily Thought Leadership emails. Sign up (no obligation, and you can turn ’em off at any time) at You Can Be A Thought Leader.