High Concept Principles

“Think and grow rich.”

— Napoleon Hill

What a genius title. Simple, easy to remember, and points to a benefit that the reader wants. You don’t even have to read the book to know what it’s about — at least on a basic sense. It clearly has something to do with thinking (what to do) and growing rich (what will happen). We call this a “high concept” title.

Could someone sum up the premise and benefits of your teaching in just four words? In a simple, and easy to understand phrase that can be easily memorized and repeated?

It it necessary, or even beneficial, for your followers to be able to do that?

You bet it is.

A high-concept title is one of those things that strategic thought leaders invest in.

A high-concept “hook” allows your followers to mentally process your offers as well as pass on a short, benefit-laden statement to others. They need to be able to describe it to others so they can make a clear decision themselves.

As I work with clients, some of them already have a great high-concept title in mind and already out there in the marketplace. Other people don’t yet have that title, and so we go through the process of developing it.