[[Dealing With The Discontented]]

“When a man is discontented with himself, it has one advantage – that it puts him into an excellent frame of mind for making a bargain.”

— Laurence Sterne

One thing every member of your audience has is discontentment. They wouldn’t be paying any attention to you if you didn’t offer something that they could use to improve some aspect of their life.

There are two ways to talk to people — a negative and positive way. The negative method tends to focus on a situation that the prospect would like to end. They’re in pain or unhappy with something. The positive method focuses on the opportunity that is being offered; what you can get that you don’t currently have and would be nice to have.

Either way, fostering discontentment is a common way of bringing people to the bargaining table.

Don’t be afraid to use that discontentment to your advantage. The best way to connect with your audience is to offer empathy and understanding about their current situation. You’re here to make them feel like you know exactly what their life is like, and you are there to make that condition the “before” in their “before and after story.”

Your followers are ready to make a deal with you if they feel like you understand their current struggles and have a reliable way to get them what they want. That transformation is something that should be at the heart of what you teach and sell.