An Undeniable Truth of Thought Leadership

“Thought Leaders Publish”

Publishing is in a Thought Leader’s DNA. Just as sharks supposedly have to keep swimming to stay alive, Thought Leaders must publish to attain and maintain thought leadership.

But why?

Well, a few reasons…

The first reason is that publishing is how you build an audience. You have to leverage media (in many cases) in order to attract, inform, and entertain your followers. There never has been a Thought Leader without a plan to get the word out. And there never will be.

The second reason is that especially in a consulting type of situation, your prospects very justifiably need to have a sense of what you stand for, how you think, and what a business arrangement with you would look and feel like. What you publish will give them a sense of that.

The third reason, related to the second, is that it will shorten the sales cycle of whatever you sell. Not only are your prospects able to get a feel for what you’re like to be around, but your thought leadership content can also help a prospect to choose to trust you, which makes everything easier and better.

The final reason is that the process of publishing is an essential part of sharpening your thinking, enabling you to communicate your ideas clearly and efficiently. You’ll have more ideas, and they’ll be better ones, because you’ve taken the time and energy to crystallize them into words, phrases, and stories.

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