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How To Become a Thought Leader

Are you an Expert, an Authority, or Thought Leader? Learn the differences, how to decide the best role for you, and how help people, create a legacy, and get paid for your expertise.

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The Authority Bookshelf

Every Thought Leader should read these 14 books. They are the most important and useful books ever written about building, maintaining, and influencing an audience.

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Start Building Your Authority Assets

An Authority Asset is used to bring intentionality and consciousness to authority building and thought leadership. Without Authority Assets, the job becomes harder, more expensive, and less certain.

Latest Articles

Your First & Second Sales in Thought Leadership

I wanted to take this lovely Friday to talk to you for a moment about the business of thought leadership. Specifically, there is one thing that is very different about this business than other businesses.  In thought leadership, we have two sales:  The first sale

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The Absolutism of Thought Leadership

Here are the two most deadly words to Thought Leadership: “It depends.” As an expert, you know, of course, that oftentimes it does depend. And it depends on a lot of variables. After all, expertise is the land of, “trust me, it’s complicated.” But for

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Is Joe Biden a “Propagandist?”

(DISCLAIMER: This isn’t really about Joe Biden. At all.) My wife and I were on a Caribbean cruise last week. It’s one of the few times a year I totally unplug from news and social media. But one thing did cut through the noise: news

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