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Thank you for your interest in being a guest on the Authority Muse Podcast!

The Educated Authority is committed to helping people with something to teach, say, and sell to grow — and increase the value of — their audience for profit, legacy, and impact.

This page will help you decide if this is right for you, to know what to expect, and schedule our conversation.

— Matt Gordon
Authority Muse @ The Educated Authority

What to Expect

Time Investment

As you will notice in the scheduler below, podcast interviews are scheduled in 45 minute slots. However, I want to be respectful of your time (and mine), so by all means let me know if we need to wrap up our conversation by a certain time.

Interview Scope and Tone

We will discuss your area of expertise, the story of how you built your audience, how you communicate with them, how you have translated your expertise into thought leadership, and some other “behind the scenes” stuff about what it’s like to be you.

The purpose of this interview is to make you look good, help people who may need your expertise, and inspire people to become an authority or thought leader in their own field. If you have a book or podcast to promote, then I want to be sure to help you let the audience know.

There are no “gotcha’s!” You can decide at any time before, during, or after the interview that anything can be “off the record.”

Review Copies

Electronic review copies are appreciated and will be used to prepare for our conversation. All materials will be held confidentially and will not be shared.

You can email e-books, PDF’s, Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, etc., documents to podcast@authoritymuse.com.

Podcast Interview Themes

These are common recurring themes in all our content:

  • Growing and Maintaining the Value of Your Audience
  • Historical Inspirations & Models for Thought Leadership and Authority
  • Strategies for Innovation and Teaching
  • Building a Connection with Your Audience
  • Mass Persuasion and Strategic Communication

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